US trade bosses see EU regulations as a threat to their cloud • The Register

More than a dozen trade teams, along with the US Chamber of Commerce, issued a joint statement this week warning the EU not to enact rules that successfully prevent US cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft from allowing businesses to close operate that would exclude elements of Europe.

The statement by 13 business associations along with the US Chamber of Commerce, the Japan New Financial System Association and the Latin American Web Association addresses proposed adjustments by EU cybersecurity firm ENISA. The expected tweaks would change how governments and businesses use cloud providers and likely which operators they can choose based on filings shared with Reuters.

It is about Kann’s proposed adjustments to the European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Providers (EUCS), which may require cloud providers to be operated and maintained from the EU and buyer knowledge to be stored and processed on the continent, based on Reuters reviews on its guidelines.

“These EUCS necessities appear to be designed to ensure that non-EU suppliers cannot enter the EU market on an equal basis, preventing European industries and governments from fully benefiting from the decisions of these international suppliers” , according to the joint statement .

The letter also argued that the proposed provisions would not create a level of participation in discipline, but would instead significantly limit the variety of cloud options…

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