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The internet has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and think. People have embraced the digital world. The Internet has made it easy to access information, share ideas, and conduct business transactions. New technological innovations are helping countries like Nigeria move forward and get noticed by the rest of the world. This is how life changes because of these developments.


gaming technology

Improving internet penetration and enthusiastic youth have led to the gradual growth of the gambling industry over the past five years. The entertainment industry is growing all over the world: Asia and Europe are developing technologies and small studios are proliferating. Various gaming startups are springing up across Europe and Nigeria’s tech sector is slowly learning from them. For example, several gaming startups in Switzerland have spawned Swiss online casinos using innovative ideas like live elements and doing the helvetic iGaming Products and platforms that are popular worldwide. Nigeria has learned from these successful examples and the Nigerian gambling landscape has changed significantly.

The development of the 5G network

5G is expected to offer faster data transfer speeds than current 4G networks. It enables new use cases such as autonomous driving, self-driving cars, smart cities, virtual reality gaming and augmented reality (AR). These technologies require high capacity bandwidths to support their high bandwidth requirements.

With the advent of 5G…

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