Quit if you’re not ready for the job, officials tell the humanitarian minister

The House of Representatives on Tuesday told Sadiya Farouk, Nigeria’s Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, to quit if she wasn’t ready for the job.

This followed her incessant failure to appear before various House Committees to defend the Department’s 2023 budget proposal.

Muktar Betara, chairman of the House Appropriation Committee, said this during an inquiry hearing into the alleged incorporation of N206 billion into the ministry’s budget in Abuja.

The N206 billion is earmarked for the National Social Safety Nets Project, which is based at the ministry. The World Bank is the source of funding for the project.

A visibly disgruntled committee chairman had questioned why Farouk was not present to defend the insertion, adding that if she wasn’t ready for the job, she should quit.

“Most of the time the committee calls the minister, she refuses to come. If she’s not ready for the job, she should quit,” Betara said.

Finance Minister Zainab Ahmed explained the error in the ministry’s budget, saying the item was miscoded by the budget office.

She added that the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management should have alerted the Budget Office to the anomaly, as had her counterparts in other ministries.

She said the Department of Defense, the Federal Department of Energy and others also made the same mistake. Ahme called for cooperation between government departments, departments and agencies (MDAs) to…

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