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When the multi-million naira Governor’s Cup tees off at Lamingo Golf Club next Tuesday, Jos, the nation’s only professional golf couple, David Wesley and Sharon Ineye, will be there to compete for the grand prize.

Wesley, a 20-year-old Nigerian golf pro, has made it clear that now that he’s in good shape with Sharon, an amateur golfer he met seven years ago, he’s made a decision to overlook past failures and immediately after to seek glory in Jos.

“Ever since Sharon turned pro after we got married, we’ve always played for each other,” Wesley said.

“I have to admit that it wasn’t easy, but we both believe that if we keep our minds perfectly calm, our eyes sharp and our bodies well trained, we can do anything with the golf ball.

“At all times our nerves and confidence must never be shaky.”

The couple isn’t really a bird of the same feather, according to supporters of the sport. Some golf lovers say, “Whereas Sharon possesses understated elegance, Wesley’s eyes always sparkle with the spirit of Christmas, always talkative, fun and heartfelt. Nevertheless, men and women value modesty. And they both share the same belief…that what you achieve is not as important as what you overcome.

“Most importantly, both Wesley and Sharon are personable and accurate. They are thorough, pushy and good golf candidates.”

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