Dejan Lovren’s return to Lyon

The French championship is traditionally dominated by the fight to qualify for the European Cup zone. The 2022/2023 campaign is no exception. Users can follow Ligue 1 results on sports statistics website which includes all teams from the world of this championship. Among them is Lyon, who further strengthened their squad in the winter of 2023. That’s how Dejan Lovren came back to the team. The Croatian joined the team from Zenit, and the French club paid around 2.5 million euros for his transfer.

Lovren, 33, is an experienced defender who has achieved a lot at club level and with the Croatian national team. Notably, he had previously played for Lyon. That was 2010-2013. Now, after ten years, the Croatian returns to the club. How this will affect the team scores in league 1 is easy to find on sports statistics website. Every game in the world of this championship is covered here.

In any case, signing seems like a sensible decision. On the one hand, the player was favorable for the team. On the other hand, his experience and leadership skills will benefit the team. He also knows his way around the domestic league, so there shouldn’t be any problems getting used to it.

Lovren’s main strengths

Lovren is already 33 years old, but despite his considerable age for footballers, he has not lost his strong qualities. That’s why the fans appreciate him. That’s why he’s playing football at the highest level today. However, if you highlight…

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