Concerns about flight prices on the Lagos-London route are mounting

• As Abuja maintains a lower interest rate

• Lagos travelers pay 439% more

•Why we charge different fares from Nigeria-London – BA

From Prince Okafor

The plaintiff found that two consortia owned by ADP Airport De Paris had submitted an expression of interest in breach of the documented strict rules governing participation in the bidding process.

The matter was referred to Judge Ambrose Lewis-Allagoa. However, no firm date has been announced yet.

Passengers traveling from Lagos to London in the coming days may be forced to travel to their destination through Abuja.

This follows massive differences in fares for passengers traveling via Lagos to Heathrow Airport, London and via Abuja.

Results from Vanguard Aviation World show passengers flying British Airways, BA via Abuja on a one-way economy ticket $501 (approx N1,196,910)

Also, passengers traveling through Abuja with Ethiopian Airline on a single economy ticket pay N700,000, while those traveling through Lagos on the same airline and ticket class pay up to N2.8 million.

The fare differences may not be independent of differences in demand and supply, according to industry operators, but they also indicate that the distance for the two routes is almost the same.

Vanguard Aviation World has discovered that flights from London to…

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